SINCE 2019

In 2019, Cin Phown Group founded a subsidiary in Ayutthaya, Thailand for Group’s second production base and R&F center: Thai Hong Technologies Company Limited.

We hope to strengthen the automation equipment development capabilities of the second R&D center with excellent local and Southeast Asian talents and provide customers in Southeast Asia with the most immediate customer service and maintenance support centered on Thailand.

In addition to the sales of our own brands, Thai Hong Technologies Co., Ltd. also acts as an agent for sales and maintenance of domestic and foreign brand products in Southeast Asia. We hope to improve customer satisfaction with Cin Phown’s products and agent products, assist customers’ factories to effectively improve efficiency and equipment maintenance rates, and gradually move towards the goal of Industry 4.0.


Manufacturing of Automation Equipment, R&D of Customized Equipment,
Information System Construction, Enterprise Technical Cooperation 


Drills Reshapening Machine

  • Grinding scope (both single- and dual-blade grinding are supported).
  • Grinding capacity: 500~600 pcs/hr (good product number guaranteed).
  • Applicable diameters of drill bit shaft: 2.0mm & 3.175mm (compatible).
  • Drill bits workable with or without ring-loading. …

3D Laser Blind Via Inspection Machine

  • Conformal window, Top/bottom diameter, 3D profile, Taper, Depth measurement
  • Via bottom quality observement
  • Sample cross section measurement (within F.O.V.)
  • Laser beam shape comparison.
  • Can trace via position by excellon 2 format.
  • Line width, space, depth measurement and observement. (Option)…

Automatic Drill Bit Inspection Machine

  • Precision as SEM: the through is 50% up.
  • Manage the UC fluent length and increase the drilling process capability easily.
  • Auto Running (focusing, loading, unloading, measuring, easy operation) to get safe and reliable inspection process.
  • Report: Analysis with both image and data to help you solve and improve the difficulty easily. …